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Supercalender rolls for the paper production industry


Combining the best in British engineering, heritage and innovation, we have been manufacturing specialist supercalendering rolls for over 180 years to the world’s paper industry. From cotton and wool rolls for general supercalendering, through to high-production, high-temperature rolls

for specialist paper finishing to the highest standards. We manufacture new rolls to customer specifications, as well as refilling or recovering your existing rolls. To learn more download our brochure above, or call our UK sales team on +44 (0)1204 526 562 who can direct you to a salesperson in your country.



Our renowned HHT Supercalender bowls have been serving the paper industry for decades. We have the capability to manufacture most size rolls, ranging from small embossing rolls to the largest calender rolls in the industry.

Simtex Roller


“Simtex scores through its unsurpassed properties of heat resistance, combined with the retention of full elasticity in the nip. There is also no risk of premature failure caused by cracking — a problem which often occurs with competitors’ polymer rolls. With Simtex, customers can both optimise quality and save on the cost of having to replace rolls more regularly.”


Superb quality

Over 180-years of experience goes into our roll-making by time-tested craftsmen, combined with our patented advanced technology. This gives you the best supercalender rolls in the world today that perform consistently to specifications.

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