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Mill rolls and metal processing rolls


Combining the best in British engineering, heritage and innovation, we have been manufacturing specialist finishing rolls for over 180 years. Our Roberto™ nonwoven mill rolls have been specially developed in several material grades to suit a wide variety of applications in metal processing

industries and our RoberteX™ chemically- resistant mill rolls are the ideal choice for use in harsh caustic or acidic environments. To learn more about our comprehensive range of rolls download our brochure above, or call our UK sales team on +44 (0)1204 526 562 who can direct you to a salesperson in your country.


Improved line productivity

Our Roberto™ nonwoven rolls lower consumption of processing liquids, has superior wringing effect for both aqueous and oily liquids and efficient and permanent absorption of impurities from the substrate surface.



The ideal choice for use in harsh caustic or acidic environments. Due to its unique non-woven synthetic fibre production, RoberteX™ can outlast rubber rolls by 10x – Less frequent roll changes results in fewer stoppages and more uptime.


Superb quality

Over 180-years of experience goes into our roll-making by time-tested craftsmen, combined with our patented advanced technology. This gives you the best metal processing rolls in the world today that perform consistently to specifications.

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