Roberto speed-up delights Peripan

A Brazilian customer is reporting dramatic results after installing three of Richard Hough’s Roberto rolls. Peripan, a leading vertical producer of bias tapes for clothing, has achieved significant improvements in throughput in its finishing processes – thanks to Roberto’s liquid extraction capabilities.

Based in the city of Itauna, in the state of Minas Gerais, Peripan has a 30-year tradition in the manufacture of specialist bias bindings and tapes, and has recently expanded into dyed and printed fabrics for shirtings and other clothing end-uses, from 100% cotton, polyester, elastane and blends.

Its 20,000 square metres factory is equipped with latest-technology machinery, handling processes from spinning through weaving and finishing in a vertical operation. Peripan’s growth and modernisation in recent years has bucked the trend during what has been a difficult period for the textile industry in Brazil.

In the finishing processes, a limiting factor was the drying stage after washing, which was causing a slowdown in line speed and a consequent production bottleneck. Speed is controlled automatically, based on residual moisture in the fabric. This is where the Roberto rolls were able to make a difference.

The three Robertos now installed and running at the plant have reportedly enabled speeds to be boosted by 40%, with the main product line now running at 70 metres per minute instead of the previous 50 m/min. This has been achieved through the Roberto’s time-proven superiority in liquid expression – as much as 30% better than standard rubber squeezing rolls – which reduces moisture content in the fabric and causes an automatic speed-up of the drying equipment.

According to Hough’s Brazilian representative, Joni D. Neves, of TOTAL Ecomáquinas, Peripan are impressed with the results obtained from their initial installation of Robertos, and are now planning to invest in the RoberteX chemically-resistant fibre squeeze roll from Richard Hough.