Repeat business underlines Simtex success

Leading papermakers are quick to appreciate the multiple benefits of Richard Hough’s Simtex calender roll, which is making a significant impact in speciality and high-temperature processing installations.

Hough is now supplying Simtex rolls to five well-known paper mills, and has recently received a repeat order for additional rolls from one of these. The customer, part of a large graphics and packaging group, produces high-quality papers for food wrapping and other specialist and industrial packing applications.

The latest order is for three refill rolls. Feedback from the customer regarding its existing Simtex has been positive: “We are very satisfied with the Simtex roll in terms of paper quality and we have changed its position several times without any problem,” said the plant manager.

Simtex is made from specially-selected synthetic fibre materials, in a specific orientation which gives the product its exceptional strength, smoothness and dimensional stability. Originally developed for textile calendering, it is now penetrating the paper industry for supercalender applications. Its major advantages include:

Performance, with bowl temperature resistance to 250°C and more, and a maximum temperature of the steel roll beyond 400°C – well above the capability of cotton and fibre rolls.

Quality, with improved paper surface characteristics of gloss and smoothness – which steel rolls cannot achieve.

Durability, lasting three times longer than composite-type rolls, with extended grinding intervals, requiring fewer roll changes, and less production downtime.

Says Hough MD Anthony Ashton: “With increased calendering efficiency and lower operating costs, Simtex is the ideal roll for speciality applications such as lightweight coated, supercalendered, glassine and release papers.”


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